Jurnalistik Oktober


  1. you’ll get into the habit of writing regularly
  2. instant feedback lets you know how you’re doing
  3. having readers for your work is a big motivation
  4. your writing will improve
  5. blogs are an ideal medium for experimentation

Personal Branding

  • Process
  • Articulating
  • unique value proportion
  • accross platform

Blogging Rules

  •   improve your writing skill
  •  check your facts
  • don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in person
  • watch your language
  • disclose potential conflicts of interest
  • respect confidentiality


About leaving comment

  1. disagree respectfully
  2. extend the conversation
  3. go beyond ‘great post’, ‘I agree’
  4. comment within a day or two
  5. read comments before posting
  6. stay on topic
  7. link to your sources
  8. only link to yourself if relevant
  9. use email for private comments

Make A Post

5W 1H (like category news)

  1. what
  2. why
  3. who
  4. when
  5. where
  6. How
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